Better Breathing – EvolveU Keynote & Collab

Muscle memory lets us do incredible things. Breathing is one we all constantly do, but we don’t talk about it much unless we’re intentionally trying to calm down. 

Through some practice, however, the muscles around your lungs can become stronger to push and pull more air and, consequently, more oxygen into your system. 

The trick is to force your breath down, expanding your diaphragm to create space for your lungs. Take a shallow breath, now a deep breath. When done properly, your deep breath should look and feel much different than your shallow.

Intentional breathing is how we develop and train these muscles, so when we aren’t focusing on them, we use our lungs to capacity and our body to its fullest.

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Adaptive Lesson Module Topics

  • Minding Your Space & Finding Good Air
  • Proper Posture & Relaxing Your Core
  • Giving Your Lungs a Place to Expand
  • Your Mind & Body on More Oxygen

Live Keynote Topics

  • Deep Breathing & Shallow Breathing
  • Creating Air Channels
  • Benefits of Proper Inhalation
  • Expanding the Diaphragm
  • Filling Your Belly Balloon
  • Controlling Your Exhale
  • Using Breath Power for Volume
  • Passive Intentional Breathing

Collab Topics

  • Solo and Group Exercises & Discussion
  • Developing Your Techniques
  • Finger Candle Challenge
  • Community Guidance & Ideas


  • The Learning Module Will be Released and Can be Completed on Your Phone or Laptop at Your Pace.
  • A Live Keynote can be Joined via the Web on Your Device, or You can Sign Up to Attend the Live Session in Person.
  • This Keynote & Collab is Sponsored by our Partner, ThirdEye Graphics, Who Can Help Define or Rebrand Your Style Through Modern Media & Technology.
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