Collaboratory – Living Life, Together

A Collaboratory is an open space, creative process, where a group of people works together to generate solutions to complex problems. Furthered by Cogburn (2003) states that “a collaboratory is more than an elaborate collection of information and communications technologies; it is a new networked organizational form that also includes social processes; collaboration techniques; formal and informal communication; and agreement on norms, principles, values, and rules” (Cogburn, 2003, p. 86).

Community Communication

Our Collaboratory is divided into organized discussion boards that each reflect an aspect of our lives, from the workings of our mind to the community issues we face daily. Through many different mediums of media and contact, our community and team work together to discuss and broaden your view for whatever your task, be it work issues or family dynamics.

Below is a list of the current channels in the Collaboratory, what they are used for, and the permissions involved to access them. Here are some things you can discuss in the collab space.

  • Get Opinions on Your Current Projects or Brand
  • Ask for Help or Advice from the Collaboratory
  • Look for Contracting or Employment
  • Build a Team to Develop Your Brand or Project
  • Meet Brands You’d Like to Work With
  • Share Skills or Knowledge to Help the Community Grow
  • Engage with Other Brand Leaders and Content Creators
  • #nostupidquestions Channel
  • Find Local Meetups and Member Events

Welcome – Public Channels

These channels are for everyone, discussing and developing ideas that are important to our lives,


Get plugged in


The Collaboratory is our community workspace for brand discussions, collaborations, and constant inspiration for your Mind Body Business Mentality.


Engaging in content that will drive you to think, learn, and grow your mind. The growth of the mind requires both discipline and support from our team and our community.

  • Informed – Join Us on Social Platforms and View Content that Stimulates Your Mind
  • Involved – Be a Part of Our Member Community and Growth Platform
  • Invested -Start or Join Projects to Bring Brand Ideas & Concepts to Life


Keeping our physical form ready to act when our mind is ready is crucial to reaching our goals. Learn and grow with us through your body, from fun to food to fitness.

  • Informed – Follow Our Community and Team through Content and Social Platforms
  • Involved – Act on Your Goals and Use Your Body Mentality to Grow Personally & Professionally
  • Invested – Build or Join Brand Projects Focused on Personal or Professional Physical Well Being


We use business to propel and enable us to learn, grow, and prosper. Join us in examining known and new ways to incorporate business into your life, not the other way around.

  • Informed – Keep Me Posted on the Latest and Greatest
  • Involved – Network and Collaborate with Our Team & Partners
  • Invested – Launch or Join Business Projects & Investments

Collaboratory – Private Channels

After approval, you can enter the full Collaboratory channel list and chat with other members. All Members Have Primary and Secondary Roles that Help Our Community Understand and Utilize Each Other’s Strengths. All Brands and Projects Have Different Needs, and by Identifying what Roles are Needed, We Can Work Together to Help Each Other Best Succeed.

Brand Consultation, Collaboratory & ContinuingEd


Share your current projects that the community can get involved with


Show off your skills and share your efforts


What are you watching or reading?


What’s happening around you or the world


Community driven exciting trends


Join us live or virtually for community gatherings


Don’t be shy; ask anything to the community


Find opportunities or post needs to hire other members

EvolveU – Learning Channels

This set of channels is for members who take an EvolveU Keynote session to discuss topics and further the lesson through community discussion.


Topics for discussion before and after joining the Intentionality sessions through EvolveU.

Partners – Private Project Channels

Morphisys Partners

Join our team for individual project discussions on development, branding, outreach, and more from our Partner Brands.

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