EvolveU Keynote & Collab

Our ContinuingEd platform offers live and virtual learning through a catalog of sessions you can access at your pace and on your schedule from almost any device. These dynamic sessions allow you to evolve your mind, body, and business through growing and collaborating with the session group.

We’ve designed our platform to keep you focused and engaged with concise and well-paced sessions. New keynote session topics come from member requests and team lesson plans that are current and relevant to evolving your mind, body, and business. You can also access the entire session and material to reinforce and retain the lesson.

Adaptive Learning Module & Discovery

Before the Keynote, step through a guided thought session led by your opinions and determinations, accessible by any device and in your own time on our website. We built the module using conversational logic and programming, divided into short segments that require your feedback to choose your path.

Get aligned and familiar with the session topic and experience an online learning process that transforms and adapts to you as you go along. Every member will have a unique experience through the subjects’ content to make it relevant to you.

Live Keynote Session

Join a live session hosted by our team to examine the session topics and open a channel for thoughts and ideas. Feedback is encouraged through polls and analyses during the Keynote, where you can see what trends are developing in the minds of the other members

The entire Keynote is streamed in the Collaboratory with the polls and conversations, while in-person registration is limited. We try to make the streaming experience as close to being with us as possible, encouraging being in your best place and space to focus. If you want to join the session in person, you can choose that option during registration.

Each Keynote topic is unique; however, they are categorized into mind, body, and business to focus and align the content. Some keynotes reference other sessions but do not need to be joined in any specific order unless it is a series.

Collaboratory Thought Space

Before, during, and after the session, we bring the dialogue to our thought space in the Morphisys Collaboratory, where you can engage with our crew and other members to further the discussion. Join anytime to learn more about sessions and get a peak into the Collaboratory and ContinuingEd discussion boards and meetups.

The Keynote thought space becomes a channel for brainstorming and processing. Members confer and debate topics with polls and surveys to analyze and develop trends. To compare with their mindset and take these new skills to action in life, then have a space to talk about results and experiences.

Conversational Therapy

Morphisys bases platforms on developing aptitudes to transcend all facets of your being, and communication may be one of the most important. Engaging in conversation about keynote issues and thoughts has proven to improve retention and application profoundly. 

Sometimes, EvolveU Sessions generate a desire for a private or proprietary conversation. Through Morphisys Consultation, a team member can meet live in person or virtually to discuss further with you or your team. Please let us know if you feel your conversation may lead there and are uncomfortable discussing it amongst other members. We also have a quick NDA process if the conversation leads there.

Sponsors & Partner Brands

The ContuingEd platform through Morphisys is possible with our partner brands and friends who value our sessions as much as we do. Through these sponsorships, we can deliver EvolveU keynotes and collabs at affordable prices to include as many minds as possible. If you would like to be a sponsor, please let us know, and we can find a session that would be a good fit.

Collaboratory Meetups and Chat Rooms

EvolveU sessions are experienced from your device and in your space; however, we encourage joining us in person or via video chat rooms in the Collaboratory. Follow the meetups board to join us for an adventure, a quick brainstorming session, or a weekend beach retreat.

Getting Registered

Registration is quick and even faster if you are already a member of the Collaboratory or have taken other courses with us. For new members, the learning module and collab space have guides and support to set you up for your first session.

Most of the registration fee helps with admin and outreach for the session, and we encourage you to share with your friends and family. Why evolve alone when you can bring those you care about with you, so grab your friends, gym buddies, or partners and grow together with us.

Click here to register for sessions and take a step toward evolution. You can contact us anytime if you have questions or want to discuss the sessions further. As the learning and feedback are individualized, we highly recommend registering for sessions for yourself if you want to join as a team, group, or family. Group sessions are also better managed through Consultation.

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