Bull & Bear Midset – Duality in Decision Making

Balance is a challenge to acquire and requires the most maintenance of our many skills. The world tests our stability constantly, but finding duality and peace will help you make better decisions, reduce stress, and curb anxiety.

In stocks, we use the terms bull and bear to define the success or slump of the market. This concept also applies to how we make all our decisions and our headspace during the process. The bull & bear mindset finds this balance through understanding, critical thinking, and action.

Bull’s Mindset

Ready to charge, the bull naturally seeks and seizes the opportunity, running hard and fast at the target for the best chance to win. Dangerous but highly effective.

This charging nature fights towards goals and competes at the highest level. The consequences are harsh, but the reward is well worth the dirt kicked up around you.

Have you ever noticed that nothing else seems to matter when you are “seeing red”? That level of focus, when harnessed correctly, can be more powerful and productive than any other driving force.

Bear’s Midset

Patience and wisdom lead the bear to most decisions, leaning on the past and trusted expectations to move carefully toward the target. Safe, but often very untimely.

The fury and rage of the bear come through provocation, especially when protecting their loved ones. Careful and mindful moves lead the bear to success, leaving no stone unturned and all opportunities seized in time.

Patience catches fish in the stream rather than brute force for the bear, which could be brutal and vicious if it wanted. Like our own lives, rage is exhausting and depleting; however, the bear’s sacrifice in productivity is worth the relaxed process.

Duality in Decision Making

Balancing these mindsets when acting on your tasks gives you a much better chance of success and prosperity. Developing the headspace to utilize this skill is the challenge, as a weak and impressionable mind leads to indecision and careless mistakes. 

Do you consider both perspectives before making decisions and investing yourself? 

Utilizing this critical thinking technique may come naturally or require practice and attention. Either way, challenge yourself to consider this when making decisions, regardless of significance, and it will become second nature. You may find that you evolve and better control conflicts and opportunities, curbing indecision and speeding up your thought process.

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