Discover, Grow & Strengthen
Your Psychic Abilities

Higher Self Channeling

The Higher Self channeling session is where I am able to connect with your higher self in order to help give you insight, guidance, and clarity on your life’s journey. This session is often used to seek counsel, to deepen your spiritual connection, gain greater clarity on your purpose, and find answers to the big questions you may have!

Divine Feminine Channeling

A Divine Feminine Channeling Session, is conducted in the same manner as the Higher Self Channeling Session but focuses on connecting with the a powerful and nurturing force and energy. The Divine Feminine hold qualities such as intuition, creativity, compassion, sexuality, creation and grace. This session is excellent for those who seek to deepen their spiritual connection to their femininity and AWAKEN their divine feminine energy.

Shadow Self Channeling

The Shadow Self Channeling Session focuses on connecting with and exploring the darker aspects of the psyche, often referred to as the "Shadow Self" or “Your Shadow”. This session is often used to seek understanding and integrate your shadow self into your healing process and/or Shadow Journey. During this session, we may dive into unresolved emotions, fears, inner voice, mindset scripts and blocks, inner child situations and negative beliefs.

Spirit Guide Channeling

The Spirit Guide Channeling Session is where I connect with your Spirit Guide(s), which are spiritual beings that offer guidance, support, and wisdom on this specific life’s path. This type of session is often used to deepen your connection to your Guide(s) and receive insight and guidance from beyond the physical realm.
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