Learning & Creating Music Together through Modern Musicianship

Sounds Unlimited is an educational nonprofit 503(c)(b) organization, with a mission to provide modern musicianship lessons to all, completely free.

Make Your Idea or Vision a Reality in 3D

Seeing is believing, or maybe not even that is true in the 21st century. In the present world of CGI and virtual reality, we welcome and celebrate the unreal, impossible, and undiscovered. You’re living in the metaverse, let us help you make your mark.

At BrandNew, we are flipping the script, giving you access to visualization tools and teams that can redefine the reality of what you see in your mind. Let us help you take your project or brand to the next level of 3D modeling design & video animation technology.

Investments for Your Mind, Body & Business

Most of our days are spent investing in something or someone, whether it is personal or professional. The decisions we make regarding that time and energy are difficult but so important. Whatever you choose to be involved in, we can help you make better and bold investments.

Work with our team to get invested in brands or businesses that fit you, or let us build your idea into fulfilling and recurring revenue. Whether you have the idea or the funds to make your investments happen, let our team and partners will find the best fit for your time, energy, and assets.

Live Life Nauti

Games, Gear, and Apparel for your Salty Adventures & Fun! We make quality products to keep you on the water and living ocean life to the fullest.

Practical Gear for Boating • NautiShots Ring Toss Game • ShredSleds Custom Longboards • Apparel and other Merchandise

Max Volume Phone Case – Amplify Your Phone.

Patent Pending Phone Case to Amplify & Protect Your Phone. The Increase in Volume of the Speaker Will Change the Way You Use Your Cell Phone Every Day.

Whether you are hearing impaired or want to share your phone audio with a crowd, the MVP Case delivers quality, natural amplification. Enjoy a video call with family or blast your favorite song with friends, the MVP Case will make it louder.

Connecting Your Island Life to the Digital World

Our team specializes in technology design and function to deliver consistent and efficient information for your digital needs, from computer programming to pro audio and lighting.

Take the guesswork out of new technology with the help of our team and community of knowledge.

Organize and Focus Your Team or Group

Your Staff & Employee management program shouldn’t be a headache. Work with our team to develop systems and routines that will engage and organize your team with the processes you already have.

We offer staff management with individual profiles for scheduling, training, project management, and more using customizable programs to fit your business and brand needs

Perspective Design for Brands & Businesses

Screens are all around us now, from cell phones to TVs to billboards. You look at what’s on them and sometimes rely on it, but how often do you pay attention? What draws your eyes not just to notice but truly see what’s on the screen?

Our Design & Graphic presentations bring your eyes into focus on what is essential, using graphic design, video production, motion graphics, and more.

Three-Disc Glow Tournament Game


Hand-Crafted Herbal Blends

Hand-Crafted Herbal Blends for Health Improvement and Well-Being. Based on traditional practices and new techniques, our blends deliver therapeutic results for the wickedness in us all.

Our blends in different forms help with immunity, headaches, respiratory system, depression, circulation, digestion, and much more.


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